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Institut Veolia

Aims and Scope

Field ACTions Science Reports (FACTS Reports) is an international, free access for both readers and authors, peer-reviewed journal devoted to promoting field-based activities in developing countries. It is a forum that publishes manuscripts and opinion pieces in the areas of economy and development, health, education, agriculture, and the environment. Articles are submitted to peer review with a requirement that peers work in the field themselves. The main criterion for publication is that the articles describe actions that are useful and can be reproduced. Editorials and opinions will also be published. This process ensures critical input from experts and allows for cooperation and competition among authors.

The major objective of FACTS Reports is to assist field actors, International Organisations and National Agencies in their various missions, among others, in their goals to communicate, to exchange and to disseminate good practices and lessons learned from the implementation of some programmes. Many field actors implement projects in developing countries to address issues related to economics, health, the environment, agriculture, education and development in general. There are many opportunities to learn from the outcomes of these projects.

The journal is a unique international instrument and, moreover, the first Initiative of this type in the world. It provides to key international development actors, a neutral and independent platform for spreading good practices. In addition, it allows them to express freely their views and opinions, to exchange experiences, and cooperate with other international development actors across the world.

During initial stages, FACTS Reports will cover primarily areas related to health, economic development and the Environment. Suitable topics for FACTS Reports include, but are not limited to:

  1. Health systems and healthcare supply

  2. Protection of the Environment

  3. Development finance

  4. Education, employment policies

  5. Social policies

  6. Evaluation methods

  7. Trade capacity building, actions related to globalization

  8. Rural development

  9. Health care delivery

  10. Equity in health care distribution

  11. Health education

  12. Pharmaceutical pricing and drug distribution

  13. Information and communication technologies (ICT) in health projects

Authors are encouraged to send by e-mail presubmission inquiries and manuscripts in MS Word format to: